MSS RenewTech

MSS RenewTech LLP is a Mumbai based EPC serving the renewable energy sector having business presence in the states of Maharashtra & Goa. We deal primarily into rooftop & ground mounted PV rooftop solar power plants, Home automation & light management systems, EV Chargers, Energy Audit Services. Our solutions include reduction of electricity bills through installation of solar power plants, Energy optimization & ambience/mood creation through occupancy sensors & centralized automation solutions, Carbon footprint calculations & Solutions to achieve net zero energy status. Our product utility are versatile and suitable for various types of consumers such as Homes, Education institutes, Hospitality sector, Industrial units, Corporate offices & Hospitals.


Meet the Specialists

A blend of youth and experience, we believe in a team based organizational structure, giving ample opportunities for new ideas & approach also creating good scope for growth in working with the organization.

Our Vision

To create successful models of sustainable living in integration with modern day technology and techniques.

Our Mission

To contribute to India’s Green Revolution, promote and create awareness about India’s potential in the Green Energy sector around the globe.

Our Values

To uphold the principle of providing ‘ Quality installations at competitive prices’. To uphold the values of ‘Honesty’ above all other aspects and strive to give the best to our clients in all possible ways.


Clients Say About MSS RenewTech

We are proud to offer top range of comprehensive solar energy services such as install and manage solar panels and solar technologies.