MSS Renewtech LLP is a Mumbai based EPC catering to the retail rooftop solar segment (10 kWp-100kWp). The retail rooftop solar segment has not progressed much along with the other segments of solar industry mainly due to lack of quality installations and skilled workmanship featuring in this segment. Thus, creating a bad impression on the retail consumers regarding efficiency, cost-benefits ratio and functioning of a solar power plant.

Solar is Cheap

With residential power tariffs well above Rs.10/- per unit and increasing by 5-8% every year, solar power’s generation cost comes to Rs.2.50/- per unit for 25 years.

Renewable Energy

Solar is a clean and free source of energy, anyone with a shadow free roof can harness energy from the sun.

Diverse Applications

All kinds of heavy machineries and appliances such as industrial machinery, lifts , water pumps, A.Cs can work on solar power.

Solar Is Carbon Free

Unlike the other conventional sources of energy such as coal and fossil fuel, solar does not emit carbon in the environment.

Who can install Solar??

Any consumer who has shadow free roof can avail the benefits of solar, may it be RCC flat roof terraces or Tin sheds, solar is for all!!

Social Buildings

Residential Buildings

Education Institutes

Industrial / Commercial Buildings

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